About Amanda & You

Physically, I am beautiful, expressing beauty as my art. My hair, clothes and makeup are chosen with regard for both my changing tastes and how I want to present.

I’m curvy, fit and strong, I eat healthy, real food which sometimes includes an entire batch of cookies.

I prefer my exercise to be fun, my food to be medicine and everything else to nourish me in some way.

I can help you love your body more by understanding what it needs; determine fitness and diet in a lifestyle that works for you and develop self care routines that nurture every part of you.

I can help you have better sex, whether that means more, or just different sex.

I can help you be more beautiful.

Spiritually I believe in everything, your beliefs are real to you and I respect them.

I believe we are conscious creators and we become more powerful when we get clear and clean with ourselves. I pray to God, the Universe and Everything, with consideration of my higher self and anyone/thing else who is listening.

I can help you explore your spirituality. Investigating beliefs, desires, old wounds and new goals, I can help you see the meaning of your existence and how you can amplify that with improved communication and compassion for yourself and others.

Mentally I’m quick and inquisitive, often witty, sometimes sarcastic. Understanding is important to my peace of mind.  I ask questions for clarity and direction and learn about myself in my relationships. I’m intuitive and good at giving words to other people’s thoughts helping us both connect and reflect.

I can help you figure yourself out and explain yourself, promote yourself, sell yourself. I can help you prioritize your thoughts and tasks according to your wants and needs.

Emotionally I am like a race car driver, fast, excessive and in control.

As a young woman I was diagnosed Bipolar 2. I’ve chosen not to take to take pharmaceutical medication and maintain balance through exercise, good nutrition and acceptance.

Acceptance is the key to controlling an emotional race car.

Assigning positive and negative connotations to emotions can stifle our freedom of expression and produce shame around what we are feeling. Part of normalizing emotions is taking personal responsibility for them and nurturing an environment where we feel safe to be ourselves.

I can help you accept yourself and process emotions, understand the fluidity of feelings and know that you are strong. I can help you get comfortable with sadness, with your dark side and your ability to witness pain and vulnerability in others.