1. What do sessions look like?

Most sessions are via Zoom and an hour. Couples sessions are recommended at 90 minutes. Sessions are designed to help you figure out what you want and determine ways to make that happen. We might talk about career, relationships, health, creativity and/or sex. We’ll create goals in areas where you want to work towards being your best.

My work is a combination of counselling (looking at the whys and why nots), coaching (determining and implementing the hows) and administration (note taking, homework assigning and helping put words to your thoughts & feelings).

2. What are my rates?

Costs vary according to the scope and ease of work, duration of contract and your means.

3. What is polyamory or ethical non-monogamy?

Polyamory means ‘many loves’ and is the idea that we can maintain love for multiple partners and/or engage in sexual activity with multiple people.
Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) means engaging in non-monogamous activities with ethical behaviours, like honesty and respect.
ENM may include polyamory, swinging, kink, and/or any variation on traditional monogamy.

4. When and how did you, Amanda, become polyamorous?

As a teen I believed I was simply a slut. I enjoyed sex and having it with people I loved, and I loved lots of people. Over 20 years ago, in my first marriage, we opened up our relationship to try and save it (which rarely works) after finding a book from the 70s called Open Marriage. A few years later I met my first and only girlfriend who introduced me to the term polyamory and the book The Ethical Slut. Since then I’ve been working on defining and refining my needs and wants with myself and others. Communication, trust and respect are the most important elements of all my relationships.

5. Are you bisexual?

As much as I’ve tried, I identify as hetero-flexible at most.
I love women and their beauty but am almost entirely sexually attracted to masculine presenting people.

6. Aren’t you worried about having sexual imagery of yourself on the internet?

In addition to my belief that ‘worries are prayers for things we don’t want to happen’, I feel lucky to have photos of myself engaged in intimate relationships with my loved ones. I have many such photos thanks to being part of The Sex Goddess Project.

Sex is beautiful and can be the ultimate form of connection. Shame and fear are unnecessary (and potentially harmful) elements of sexual expression and I hope to inspire others towards personal acceptance through seeing me. I believe the boldness with which I express my sexuality helps to erode the rape culture still quite prevalent in our society.

7. Can we be friends?

Sometimes my clients become my friends, and sometimes my friends become my clients.
If you’d like to chat, please email me at amandasinclairsoutions@gmail.com
I offer a 30 minute free consultation to determine if we have anything to offer each other personally or professionally.

8. How do I access Password Protected pages?

You may have noticed that a few of my pages need a password to unlock them.
If you’d like to chat and know more, please email me at amandasinclairsoutions@gmail.com