Praise, Thanks and Cred


Due to the nature of my work, my clients are confidential (references can be supplied on request)

Here is some feedback from happy clients:

We came to Amanda for relationship coaching, at a crossroads in our marriage as we navigated from monogamy to polyamory, both deeply shaken and uncertain about our future together.

Amanda is a rare find. She taught us more about ourselves than we could have ever uncovered alone, helped us discover our needs, our individuality, our fears and our wounds. Her pragmatic approach to problem solving is beautifully balanced with humility, grace and understanding.

Our relationship has been unpacked, healed and rebuilt. Amanda facilitated this through encouraging deep self enquiry, the use of loving communication techniques and acceptance of ourselves and others. We learned to truly trust and be vulnerable by her example. We are both healthier, more in love, steadier in our relationship, and both have open hearts and minds for successful polyamorous relationships.We couldn’t imagine or recommend a more wonderful relationship coach.

Amanda is an expert at evaluating needs and creating logistical systems to support meeting them.

Amanda has been helping me with marketing communications for the launch of my fitness business. She has a way with words, and offers constructive feedback while understanding and respecting my professional goals, brand and ethos. As an experienced digital marketer, I appreciate the need for effective website and newsletter copy. It’s been helpful having someone I trust review and refine my promotional material.

In a world where expectations shape our image, honesty can be scary business. Amanda is the first person I was able to be truly honest with, because she makes it look easy.

Amanda Sinclair Solutions has been helping me with my business of a decade. From promotional writing to human resources assistance, it’s freeing to know Amanda is someone I can count on for performance as good or better than I would do myself. Working with Amanda has helped me create, establish and evolve my business to reflect the life I want and the service I want to offer to my community.

I was very fortunate to have Amanda on my team to manage all aspects of my recent wedding reception. She listened to my ideas and made them happen. Her practicality, organizational skill, financial management and wide network of connections took the weight of planning off my shoulders and let me and my guests enjoy the day. From finding a location, to arranging the catering, entertainment, photography, décor and clean-up after the event, she showed exceptional versatility.


My work is a product of the experiences and relationships of my life.

For this I thank my friends and family who have helped me see how awesome I am so that I can help other people do the same.

A special thanks to friends who’ve given permission to use their photos or images on this site, life is art!

Undying gratitude and appreciation to my web designer, Karen at Sunlight Insight, for seeing me well enough to help me show myself to the world. Building this site has been a
self exploratory journey, Karen has intuitively honoured that, every step of the way.

(aww, Thanks Amanda! ♥ KF )


Professional training: Wellness Counselling, Music Business Administration,  NVC/Compassionate Communication, Trauma from a First Aid Perspective and S.A.R certified from Options for Sexual Health.